About Us

Classalyze is a product of Teer Design, a technology firm that wishes to create products of impact. We are a team of 5 people, and do not concern ourselves with titles such as “rockstar”, “ninja” or “hacker”. We came together because of our common vision, and unique work experiences. We believe teachers have the biggest role to play in improving student outcomes, and our mission is to empower them with well designed tech & quality content. We have already touched the lives of 200 teachers since inception.

Our target: 200,000 teachers using Classalyze by 2020.



Nikhil Swaminathan

Co-Founder & CEO

A software engineer from the University of Waterloo, Nikhil has over 5 years of work experience in product design & development under his belt.


Rahul Joseph

Co-Founder & COO

An IIM-L and St. Stephen's graduate, Rahul brings consulting and commercial experience to the mix.


Rashmi Anand

Technical Lead

Rashmi has product experience building CRM and education products in Ruby on Rails for 6+ years


Shivakshi Rana

Business Developement Manager

Shivakshi brings TFI experience and curriculum expertise. She is the glue that keeps Classalyze running.